PROtest or ProTEST in the 21st Century?

Gyanda Kakar
Gujarat National Law University, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

Protests have been an integral part of society. Protests take place whenever there are conflicts in opinions. They are an expression of dissent or disapproval of a scheme or an idea. Karl Marx says that conflicts or protests happen whenever there is a difference in the opinion of different classes. He described protests as class conflicts. The protests in the 20th century are mainly associated with the struggle for freedom. The protests in the 20th century were somewhat violent. In the 21st century, saw a shift and protests these days are somewhat digital and are also less violent. The protests in the 21st Century are mainly to save and restore this freedom. The 1960s saw a shift in the emphasis on the stress of the word protest. This paper will examine protests as a model for change. It aims to analyse the change in the protests in the 21st century. This paper aims to examine the corresponding meaning of the stress in the word protest in the 21st Century. Thus, this paper will examine a change in the model for change ie protests.


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