Protest in 21st century: The double edged sword

D.Thendraal Muthu
The Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence in Law, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

The art of protest is not always denotes the disrespect towards the government, rather it is the mode of expressing people’s need and wish. Public protests are the hallmark of a free and a democratic society, which demands the voice of the people, should be heard by those in power and decisions are reached after proper discussions and consultations. The protest can be either violent or peaceful manner but it always the outbreak of demand that left unheard. Since the advent of civilization, protests have always created history. In the present century people’s protest can be categories into political, economic, cultural and social protest. Sometime these protest created way for better welfare and sometime ended as unwanted tension in the society. The article will deal about the protest and its pro and cons.

Keywords: Protest, Indian Constitution, Hong Kong, political protest, economical protest, social protest.


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