Prostitution, Slavery and Human Trafficking: The Worldwide Practices of Eliminating it.

Utkarsh Sharma
United World School of Law, Gandhinagar

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Slavery, Prostitution and Human trafficking are the most heinous crimes of our time. In today’s modern era there are many people who are stuck as slaves and are generating huge amount of money for their traffickers. Human trafficking undermines the security of every person in a state because it is an organised crime and corrupted. Human rights of trafficked person is violated as they are not given the dignity which our Indian constitution guarantees. They are exploited, raped or often killed. This has been the topic of international security since the late 90s. Trafficking for sexual purpose is more widespread than forced labour.In the earlier stages countries recognised sexual exploitation but never considered forced labour as exploitation. Criminal law focuses on these three aspects i.e. slavery, prostitution and human trafficking. Prostitution and slavery are a kind of modern slavery covered under trafficking of human being for commercial purpose. These three are the crimes which are required to be curbed or otherwise will affect the human life. People are degrading themselves for money. The main reason behind voluntary prostitution and slavery is the shortage of money. Most of the time they are not economically stable for which they sell their bodies to others. For such increasing rate everybody shall be educated and well recruited so that financial problems can be reduced.


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