Procedure and Proceedings under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2019 with Special Emphasis on Law of Bail under the Act 

Lakshay Anand
Associate, Sapphire and Sage Law Offices, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The paper extensively elucidates the working of Indian Courts in money laundering cases. A special statute for combating the menace had been enacted by the Indian Legislature in 2002 but same had a number of loopholes in its application. After which, seeing the desperate need, an amendment has been brought into operation. The following paper clearly enunciates the procedure given in PML Act and presents the working of the Courts while trying the offences and during the grant or rejection of bail. The author tries to bring in knowledge that whether the brought amendment is sufficient in self and how much are the Judges/Presiding Officers of Courts are reluctant towards granting bail to the offenders under such deterrent special statute.