Preventing Child Trafficking in India through Effectiveness of Laws

Saket Mangla AND Tanuj Jain
Manipal University Jaipur, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Child trafficking a modern day slavery which is the hazardous offence all over the world. This is expanding like a poison in the air. According to law, a human who is under the age of eighteen years include in word child and when any injustice or manipulation is done with them is called child trafficking. Every year crore of human get traded and trafficked against themselves and forced to do slavery, child labour, organ trade and domestic services.

The biggest role of some family is that they insist their child to do work due to poverty and they are promised for daily wages to support their family, but in reality they are bought in slavery , trade and trafficking.

These crimes are hushed crimes without any single traces such activities cannot be prevented. Child trafficking is due to poverty, illiteracy of parents and due to family conditions in which parents insist their child to go for work and this is a breach of basic human rights.

This paper contains how to prevent child trafficking and what are the steps should be taken to prevent it. By preventing trafficking the child will get their rights and get proper education which leads the world towards development and helps to grow the child.

Keywords: Rights, Slavery, Trafficking, Protection and Trade etc.


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