Police Reforms against Custodial Violence in India: Past and Present

Karan Singh Chouhan
Asst. Professor, CMR University, Bangalore
Karnataka, India

Volume I, Issue V, 2018

This paper is dealing with the issue of tracing the history of police reform in relation to the custodial violence or other police excess in India. The police reform process is going on since late 1960s till this date without any visible progress in sight, and with this paper it can be highlighted that it’s time to start taking actions on the issue of custodial violence. To understand and trace out the history and present status of police reforms, reference was made to several reports of law commission, National police commission and other committees. Based on these reports and supreme court guidelines, it was established that no steps was taken to reform the police which can minimize custodial violence and police atrocities, so it is time to take steps to implement police reforms in accordance with the reports and recommendation of several committees.


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