Yoga in the New Digital Century: Exploring its Utilization and Impact in the Era of Social Media

  • Sunil Tanwar
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  • Sunil Tanwar

    UGC NET Qualified and Former Student of MA (Political Science), India

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Yoga, an ancient practice originating from the Indian subcontinent, has gained immense popularity worldwide in recent decades. With the advent of social media platforms, the dissemination of yoga-related content has reached unprecedented levels, influencing how individuals perceive, practice, and engage with yoga in the new century. Also, with social media addiction, people are required to engage in yoga practices and how they can benefit positively from social media in terms of yoga. The research paper has described the evolution of social media and its fast pace development in the 21st century, so-called the digital era and how it has helped in taking the advantages of yoga to the hands of the people living in the remotest areas. This research paper examines the intersection of yoga and social media, exploring how digital platforms have influenced the practice, dissemination, and perception of yoga. This research paper investigates the utilization and impact of yoga in the context of social media, examining its effects on practitioners, communities, and the wider yoga industry. Through a comprehensive review of existing literature, empirical studies, and qualitative analyses, this paper aims to provide insights into the evolving landscape of yoga in the digital age.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page 1653 - 1661


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