Venture Capital and Private Equity: In the Indian Legal Perspective

  • Madhavraje Patwardhan
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  • Madhavraje Patwardhan

    Student at ILS Law College Pune, India

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India is an emerging market that continues to be a hot spot for investment. With 1.3 billion people and growing, India has the potential to become one of the top economies in the world. But it's not just about economics; it's about people and their needs. And those needs are changing rapidly over the past decade. The Indian government has made a conscious effort to encourage entrepreneurship by providing incentives like tax cuts, cheaper loans, and better access to education, among other things. It's also trying to make its citizens more self-reliant by encouraging them to start their own businesses rather than rely on government jobs. These changes have led to a huge increase in small businesses opening up in India over the last few years—and they're getting bigger all the time! According to one estimate by McKinsey & Company, there were 32 million small businesses around India in 2014; by 2018, that number had grown almost 50 per cent!




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 635 - 649


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