Trademarks and Religious Feelings: An Issue that Needs to be Raised

  • Garima
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  • Garima

    Student at Mody University, India

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This article is about how Trade Marks and religious feelings are interrelated; nowadays, a layman sees many religious gods' names used as the name of companies, if not very big companies, then small ones. However, we see these things happening. We see a typical shop with the name of religious gods, like Bansiwala Sweets, a well-known sweet house. Nobody objects to it, but if we hear about a company named Ganesh Beedi, some people's religious feelings are hurt. It hurts sometimes, but we as laymen do not know what to do against it; we are unaware of our laws and rights; therefore, through this article, one will get to know what they can do. One will also get to know if anybody has raised his voice related to it, and one will also get to know whether one can go to court related to it and on what merits the court will give its decision. One will also learn about the court's previous decisions related to this matter. This article will give an insight into this matter.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 3457 - 3460


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