The Unprecedented Situation of Covid 19: Impact on Human Rights of Migrant Workers

  • Torsha Datta Choudhuri
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  • Torsha Datta Choudhuri

    Student at ISBR Law College, India

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The Human Rights has always paved its way in providing security to every individual in every situation. It has been like a constant variable even in the time of crisis the human era have faced so far. We are not at all unaware of the current situation the human evolution is going through. The normal life has come to a stagnant position due to the partially unknown nature of the corona virus. The virus has led all of us to sit to our homes with no work. The whole human community has been vulnerable to this virus. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, the one thing that needed to be on point was ensuring that the human rights of every individual are protected at every cost. Though the whole community is vulnerable to the attack of the virus, there is more to look into through this pandemic. As there has been a lockdown even in the different work sectors, the more sufferers are the workers. The vastness and peculiar nature of Indian scenario has led to a community called the migrant workers who has suffered the most during this pandemic and shall suffer for the foreseeable future. The Human Rights of the migrant workers has been curtly violated in many different ways by different other groups of people. This paper tries to give an insight into the condition of the migrant workers during this pandemic and how it impacted them both physically and mentally. The different ways in which the migrant workers have faced the worst conditions needs to be highlighted in a much broader way. This paper will also give some pre-measures which should have been taken by the government to avoid the onslaught to the community during the pandemic. It shall also try to anticipate, with the proper information and data, the conditions the migrant workers will face in the post-covid scenario. The paper will discuss the various reforms the government has planned for the migrants and the relief packages given to them critically. There shall be a comparative study between the pre and post-covid situation in a country like India.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 2576 - 2589


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