The Role of Media in Investigation with Reference to the Most Prominent Cases

  • Anshika Vats
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  • Anshika Vats

    Assistant Professor at Oriental School of Law, India.

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For any new burning topic that comes into the light, we in majority cases, get the first-hand knowledge from any of the forms of Mass Media. Sources like newspapers, magazines and the internet contain information about almost every other happening on the globe. In today’s time we don’t travel an ocean or wait for pigeon to get the news. As time passed people use different modes to get information or to share information. In current time, Mass media do all things like giving information, news and all the important things among audience. Mass media plays very a crucial role for an audience to get information that what is happening around society on a daily basis. It is a channel through which communication travel from one way to another. It is of mainly two type- Print media and Electronic media. The interaction of media and the justice system has had a great impact on the overall justice delivery system. Reports published on these media devices leads to clues which form pieces of information that forms the basis of any investigation. Therefore, it can be said that Mass Media plays a very vital role in investigations. Here in this article, we would succinctly deal with what mass media is and its impact on the investigation.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page 530 - 547


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