The Keys to British Success in South Asia

  • Sanika Javdekar
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  • Sanika Javdekar

    Student at MIT-WPU School of Law, Pune, India

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This piece is inspired from a very informative piece written originally by Colin Watterson. Capturing India bit by bit wasn’t a one-day process and according to British historian Sir John Robert Seeley British acquired India in an “absence of mind.” Though Britishers ruled and exploited the Indians for decades there underwent a lot of changes in the social, personal and economical aspects of people residing in India. As understood the Britishers did not have a primary motive of capturing India but as we read this article a lot of factors and circumstances unfold themselves for the end result of Indians being ruled by Britishers. It was a slow exploitation but there were few things which were abolished or introduced that resulted in new era of Indian society. This article talks precisely about what tricks and tactics did Britishers use for establishing their rule in India. With some opposition and some friendly ties, smart policies and crisp foresight the Britain overshadowed India. With an in-depth analysis and understanding of all prevailing and contributing factors of British India the article is bound to put the reader into thought.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 2340 - 2344


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