The Issue of Illegal Immigration and Laws in Relation and Critical Analysis of Indian Problem

  • Jaspreet Singh Gulati and Naman Pareek
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  • Jaspreet Singh Gulati

    Student at Institute of Law, Nirma University, India

  • Naman Pareek

    Student at Institute of Law, Nirma University, India

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The present article deals is a critical analysis of the problem of illegal immigrants ,their causes and solutions (legal) and critically analysing the Indian condition . illegal immigration has became a global issue Migration is not a new phenomenon. It is, however, more than ever before, a global phenomenon that is closely related to a number of other globalization processes in both its causes and its effects. One out of every 35 persons in the world is a migrant, or almost 3 percent of the global population. People tend to take illegal measures to cross territories because of the difficulty in acquisition of permits. Smuggling and human trafficking, are one of the most common means of illegal immigration. The rise in the illegal immigrants is due to the factors including interstate violence. Unstable governments , bad economic conditions etc. the major waves of immigration is seen in the su-saharan Africa, countries in the Horn of Africa region , Latin American countries , Afghanistan and countries in the southern Asia namely Indonesia.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 5821 - 5830


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