The Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Past, Present and Future

  • Shaurya Mahajan
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  • Shaurya Mahajan

    Student at Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula, India

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This research paper comprehensively analyses the Israel-Palestine conflict, examining its past, present, and future implications. The introduction establishes the conflict's significance and relevance to regional and global stability. The history section traces the conflict's origins and highlights critical events shaping its trajectory, including the displacement of Palestinians and Arab-Israeli wars. The involvement of Middle Eastern states in the conflict is explored, considering their interests and concerns in the region. Factors such as political alliances, security considerations, ideological motivations, and economic interests are analysed. The paper also assesses the conflict's impact on the security dynamics of the Middle East, including the rise of non-state actors and the threat of terrorism. Recent developments are examined to provide insights into the evolving state of the conflict. Peace initiatives, diplomatic efforts, and escalations of violence are discussed, offering a nuanced understanding of the current situation. The paper also addresses the ongoing Israeli settlement expansion and its implications for peace negotiations. The role of international actors in the conflict is scrutinized, including global powers, regional organizations, and non-governmental entities. Their motivations, strategies, and potential for conflict resolution are analyzed, focusing on the impact of the United States, European Union, and United Nations on peace efforts. In conclusion, this research paper comprehensively analyses the Israel-Palestine conflict, emphasizing its historical context, current challenges, and future prospects. It stresses the importance of understanding the conflict's complexities and advocates for a nuanced approach that considers the concerns of Middle Eastern states and the involvement of international actors. The paper contributes to the discourse surrounding the conflict. It aims to facilitate the pursuit of lasting peace in the region through diplomatic negotiations, respect for international law, and addressing the root causes of the conflict.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 3127 - 3140


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