The Impact of Noise Pollution on Mental Health: Analyzing the Legal Frameworks for Recognizing Noise Pollution as a Public Health Issue and the Potential Legal Remedies for Addressing it

  • Ranjit Kumar
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  • Ranjit Kumar

    Student at Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India

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The problem of noise pollution has emerged as a vital challenge in this modern era. Noise pollutions are unwanted sound waves that are not bearable to the ears. The public health of the modern generation has been affected adversely by noise pollution. India is one among them where noise pollution has reached an alarming stage; unfortunately, the awareness of the negative impact on mental health is neglected. Due to constant exposure to noise pollution, people develop several intricacies, such as hearing loss, anxiety, sleep disorder, depression, etc. It is critical because it not just affect the health of human but also reduces healthy thought and efficiency at work and hampers fundamental right ensured by the constitution of India under Article 21, Right to Life. There are several sources of noise pollution, for example, traffic, construction, commercial/industrial, etc. Further, there is noise pollution from loudspeakers getting more prominent in contemporary society, primarily in residential areas. There is no specific statute or Act that has been enacted to address it and recognize noise pollution as an issue of public health. However, it is regulated as ambient air quality standards in respect of noise pollution, several guidelines issued by the Supreme Court of India, and Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rule.2000.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 73 - 85


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