The Flawed Notion of Islamophobia: From British Raj to Modi Raj

  • Reeya Mishra
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  • Reeya Mishra

    Working Professional in India

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India has been battling the Hindu-Muslim tensions since partition and beyond. The recent communal riots disheveled the collective conscience of the country and placed India in the eyes of doubt of International organizations and various other countries. This article has been written as an effort to counter the defaming allegations and to provide an insight into the origin of such differences. We have tried to explain how the re-initiation of such clashes might have a political schema behind it and how this has been benefitting a certain section of the society. The secularity and fraternity of the country stems from the Constitution and that by itself is the biggest safeguard provided to the countrymen by the Constituent Assembly. The article has taken into consideration the recent statements given by imminent political leaders and organizations and it has been left for the readers to decide the falsity of the allegations that India is facing currently.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page 49 - 56


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