The Evolution of Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws

  • Sukriti Jaswal
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  • Sukriti Jaswal

    Student at Lovely Professional University, India

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In recent times, a person’s sexual orientation has come to be closely associated with the person’s identity. With an increase in awareness among the people and an increase in their sense of empathy, the people have developed a more understanding attitude towards the different sexual orientations. As a result of this increased understanding, the laws related to the same have evolved. The people from the LGBTQI+ have faced a lot of discrimination in the past and have had to go through many revolutions to get the rights that they have now. This research paper aims to understand the different laws related to sexual orientation that are present in the USA and India and make an in-depth comparison between the two. This research paper will look into the history of the sexual orientation laws in the USA and India. The paper will also give a detailed description of how the laws in these two countries evolved and where they stand in the current situation. The laws in the USA have developed at a much faster pace than those of India. There are many factors for this, the major ones being the difference in development and cultural differences. These laws have evolved gradually, but a lack of proper awareness slows down this process.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 2, Page 1684 - 1699


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