The Effects of Gun Control Laws on Violent Crime Rates in India: A Comparative Study of States with different Policies

  • Rishi Kumar Bharti and Tripti Mishra
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  • Rishi Kumar Bharti

    Student at Asian Law College, Noida, India

  • Tripti Mishra

    Student at Asian Law College, Noida, India

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By comparing states with various gun control legislation, this legal research paper analysis that how gun control laws affect violent crime rates in India. The introduction to the article provides background information on the subject of gun violence in India as well as the current legal system governing firearms. The many techniques used by Indian states to gun control are discussed, including the licensing system, registration requirements, and bans on specific handgun types. The study looks at the connection between state-by-state violent crime rates and gun restriction laws using statistical analysis. It also looks at how other elements, such socioeconomic status, law enforcement resources, and cultural elements, affect the rates of violent crime. According to the study's findings, states with tougher gun control regulations have lower rates of violent crime than those with laxer regulations. Gun restriction legislation and violent crime rates do, however, have a complex relationship that may be altered by other circumstances. The article also discusses some of the difficulties that India faces in enacting sensible gun laws, including corruption, a lack of funding, and societal attitudes towards firearms. It ends with suggestions for more research as well as a discussion of the policy implications. Overall, this study offers insightful information about the connection between India's violent crime rates and gun control laws. It emphasizes the requirement for evidence-based regulations that consider the particular socioeconomic and cultural setting of every state. The results of this study can helps to shape the creation of more effective gun control laws that can support to bring down the occurrence of gun violence in India.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 2857 - 2867


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