The Effect of Migration of Legal Texts to Americas between 1600- 1900

  • Abhay Asagodu
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  • Abhay Asagodu

    Student at University of Glasgow, UK

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The essay explores the transplantation and adaptation of Western legal models, notably English common law and French civil law, into the United States' legal system during its colonial and post-independence eras. It details the initial imposition of common law on American colonies, the post-revolution adaptation of these laws to fit the new nation's context, the significant influence of English legal texts on American legal education and jurisprudence, and the unique codification of French civil law in Louisiana. Additionally, it highlights the role of European enlightenment thinkers in shaping the U.S. Constitution's principles, particularly the separation of powers. The essay concludes by addressing the inherent tensions and challenges in assimilating foreign legal principles into domestic law, underscoring the complex interplay between legal inheritance and societal needs.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, Page 493 - 501


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