The Economic Impact of Criminal Law: Analysing the Costs and Benefits of Criminal Justice Systems

  • Jasti Swaroop Choudary
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  • Jasti Swaroop Choudary

    Student at VIT AP University, India

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This research paper delves into the intricate economic implications of criminal law and the associated criminal justice systems, aiming to dissect the costs incurred and benefits reaped by societies worldwide. It explores the economic rationality of criminals, the concept of perfect compensation, transaction costs in criminal law, and the application of the Coase Theorem to achieve economic efficiency in criminal justice. The economic model of criminal Behaviour is examined, acknowledging that individuals make rational choices when deciding whether to commit a crime, considering potential gains and costs. The findings underscore the complexity and significance of this multifaceted field, emphasizing the intricate relationship between economics and criminal law. Understanding the economic impact of criminal law is pivotal in informed decision-making and contributes to a comprehensive perspective on the economic implications of criminal justice systems.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 5, Page 2107 - 2119


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