The Digital Renaissance of the Semiconductors and The Geopolitical Laws

  • Chhavi
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  • Chhavi

    Research Scholar at Legal Literacy Foundation, New Delhi, India

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PURPOSE: By 2024, the world would cradle in the lap of the "Angstrom" era of the Semiconductors. It is no surprise that the leaders of the veteran and emerging world powers are laying ceaseless emphasis on consolidating a comprehensive and resilient Semiconductors Wafers’ capacity. Be it the U.S. President, Joe Biden, who issued the Executive order 14017 on February 24, 2021 called "America's Supply Chain" or the Prime Minister of India saying: “…we can move towards an India that is a hub for Semiconductors for the world in the coming years” , it becomes vehemently significant to audit the genome of the laws which govern the simple as well as advanced flow of technology acting as a strengthening/ hindering factor in the designing, manufacturing and downstream uptake of this like-gold-dust backbone of the global economy called the Semiconductors. When the planet was already under the painful pandiculations from the early spasm caused by the pandemic and the climate change, Russia's war on Ukraine squeezed out the last node that felicitated the unremitting supply chain of the Semiconductors, worldwide. What the intercontinental acquaintance suffered as a result was, the disruption in the flow of the supply chain of a commodity which hegemonies the living customs of humanity, ranging from their cell phones to automobiles to bank ATM machines. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The method, hence, employed to baste the research around the article, circumferences along the rims of various primary and secondary sources which have been duly recognized and acknowledged throughout the article, in an appropriate manner. The sources include newspaper dailies, profuse number of political as well as apolitical books by authors stemming from diverse fields and statistics are being supported by the mentioning of the news channels which released the data, henceforth PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: This article is investigative in nature which aims at opening the floor for substantial critiquing, constructive debating and exploratory to invigorate more awareness about the novel issues at hand. Therefore, this article doesn’t advocate any concrete conclusions at the behest of their applicability; rather, it looks forward to set peripheries that could be swelled and pushed forward, further, with more considerable arguments.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 4, Page 1805 - 1814


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