The Current Concerns and Perspectives of Afghan Leading Women on Girls’ Education

  • Homaira Jalalzay and D. Nagaraja Kumari
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  • Homaira Jalalzay

    Research Scholar at Andhra University, India

  • D. Nagaraja Kumari

    Professor at Andhra University, India

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Education in general is the transmission of civilization yet, in Afghanistan, as a matter of fact, it is a safeguard weapon against the variety of adversities of life such as: gender inequality, suffering cultural obstacles, child marriage, inaccessibility to education, health, freedom… for girls. Unlike of the other parts of the world where science and technology are being rapidly developed; in Afghanistan, the government of Taliban has prevented girls beyond grade 6th to go to school which this has become a huge matter of controversy worldwide. A qualitative approach was selected for this research, open-ended questions were formulated and administered through a purposive sampling method to find out the concerns and contributions of Afghan Leading Women entitled the representatives of girls beyond grad 6th, who are impatiently waiting for continuation of their education. Twenty Afghan leading women are involved in the present research that have shared their perspectives via email, skype, WhatsApp and face to face. Education is the second name of life. Therefore, it is the core responsibility of every individual of the world to stand for. Specially the Afghan Leading Women, as they have achieved this fame representing Afghan girls’ and women’s difficulties, deprivations as well as the capabilities. The mentioned women, beside other small or large groups of people are struggling being voice of the girls who are banned from going to schools throughout: protests on the streets in front of the United Nations, Human Rights, European Union, white house and other influential organizations, conducting dialogues, discussions, meetings with the International influential communities wherever they are so that, they make the Taliban let girls continue their education. The nation of Afghanistan with the help of worldwide influential, especially the organizations that responsibly work in the field of education are obliged to force the politics players to separate the system of education from political games.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 86 - 94


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