The 2022 Global Political Cataclysm: A Critical Appraisal

  • Ishita Chandra
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  • Ishita Chandra

    Student at National Law University, Sonepat, Haryana, India

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The impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict can be deeply felt all across the globe. However, it needs to be acknowledged that this conflict, along with other crucial factors such as the socio-economic factors would determine war and peace in the world. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is only one of the many strands presently altering the contours of world governance. Substantial political developments are also taking place all across the globe, which will have similar if not more pertinence and relevance to the future of the international governance system. The entire world has been undergoing several political changes in 2022 but Europe has been the most affected and has undergone several major changes in recent months. The Ukraine-Russia war, political upsurge in Sri Lanka, election of a new Chancellor in Germany, political crisis in United Kingdom, India-China border disputes, etc have largely impacted the global politics. The role of international organisations like NATO, Quad, AUKUS, I2U2, G20, BRICS, G-7, etc is also extremely evident at present times. This research paper tries to analyse the incumbent global political arena amidst the various political churns and turmoils as faced by various nations all across the globe.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 4, Page 1216 - 1222


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