Technology Management, Innovation & Creativity

  • Dr. Deepak Kothitam Meshram
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  • Dr. Deepak Kothitam Meshram

    Ex. Deputy Registrar Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Nagpur, India

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The paper provides the importance and benefits of technology mainly, computer based technology & internet and telecommunication and mobile phone by used of this technology the develop nations become richer and archive the growth and the economic and become wealthy it helps to transformed the life of people the country. India to have adopted and implemented the computer based internet technology & telecommunication mobile phones because of this our country has accelerated the economic growth and this technology proves the life changing technology for the people of this country and create lots of opportunities for the people and trade, employment, productions and carried out economic changes in the country which ultimately create socio economic change in the society and societies benefited lot by use of this technology and people using this technology become more efficient at work which ultimately enhances Production activity and they become more competitive in the era of globalization and also able to compete with develop nations by the use of the technology people become more creative and efficient which ultimately helps to build the business and creation of wealth link with economic Progress of our country.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 2, Page 749 - 751


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I. Introduction

We are living in the era of Globalization, where technology in the world play very vital role in shaping, developing & transforming the lifes of people all over the world. Developed Nations mostly advanced in the technology which they had innovated and develop through the invention by them and used the technology and its application for transforming it into the betterment of mankind in the world.

The developed Nations becomes developed today because of the use of advance technology they had invented and implemented its application in transacting business in their country, with the use of advance technology in all sectors of economic, vigoursly helps to achieve the economic progress by develop nations. Which ultimately opens the opportunities to them for doing businesses by way of adopting new means, new ideas of doing things prove far more beneficial to them through this they could achieve the success at their endeavor.

II. Importance of technology

The world population is, mainly influenced by the invention of important technology that is

  1. Computer based technology & Internet
  2. Telecommunication & mobile phones

By use of this technology developed nations becomes richer and achieved the progress in their economy and becomes wealthy nations. They have transform their lives with the help of technology, like Japan is a small country having sizable population but because of invention of new technology this small country has established domination in many sectors in economy in the world. Another example is of Taiwan, a small country again with technological advancement have established the market of small components of computers in the world. All developed nations are using advanced technology in their nations & ultimately these countries become wealthy & richer.

India which is fast developing and emerging economy in the world, have also adapted the technology in their system for achieving further economic progress in all sectors of economy due to internet access it helps to large number of population to get connected and transact the business on internet. Further due to adoption of computerization by the Institutions or system belonging to public sector or private sector ensures the effectivity in work, which ultimately enhances the total output of work in all sector of economy. Through Internet technology we can connect with anybody across the globe this has open the new opportunity for us to do trade or businesses or transact in International market.

III. Benefits of technology

Due to emergence of Telecommunication technology and emergence of mobile phones which enable us to faster communication among the population in our country various service provide have offering services for mobile phones and it has reach to our rural India. Now half of the population in rural India are using mobile phones which improve the communication between them which ultimately helps them to do business across distances, directly access market & buyers for their goods and built network in town and cities. These two transformation – Internet & mobile connectivity are coming together to create real possibilities for access. It will enable service providers to be delivered directly to the person its intended for through bank account transfers & vouchers.

Each of these is something to poor aspire to for their ability to improve the access and be creative that poor residence have to resources and markets. The foundation for much broader access to both public & private services is thus now being built.

This can enable in the next ten years an absolute transformation in how people can access products & services giving them more access to finance health and education, safety nets and through all this opportunity.

This transformation through technology management are critical to give talented people the access they need regardless of their background whether a person is rich or poor is from a disadvantaged community, is from village or city he/she ought to be given the opportunity and resources they need to be successful and to leverage their intelligence and hard work.

There is no need to fearnew ideas, new technology and be willing to test innovations for effectiveness. Peoples are apprehensive about technology the unfamiliar can often feel threatening but by refusing to see the potential of new ideas & technologies. We shut ourselves from the possibilities they offer, we have personally witnessed technology that is truly transformative, mobile phones that have helped people in villages by pass bad roads and the lack of landlines. English lesson delivered through village computer centers. That have enabled people in rural India to land good jobs in far cities. Time and again technology has enabled us to accelerate growth and change.

IV. Conclusion

The real world is full of surprises and of solutions comes through technology. We should not stop learning about new technology but we should be adaptive to new technology that may open up new opportunities for us. Through innovation & application of creativity we can very well utilize this technology for improving our socio-economic condition which enable us to achieve further progress & growth in real sense.