Study of Across Generation Aggression and Moral Disengagement

  • Sunita Chauhan
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  • Sunita Chauhan

    Associate Professor at Department of Psychology, M.N.S Government College, Bhiwani, India

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In the present investigation a comparison was made across three generations of male respondents of the same families to determine whether aggression and moral values had undergone any change. Further the sample was spread across the rural and urban regions of Haryana, as apparently violence and moral disintegration appear to be a product of the modern societal changes and should therefore be higher among the Urban population. For this purpose a purposive sample of 100 male students of IX/ X classes, who were residing with their father as well as grandfather was selected from rural and urban areas of Haryana state. Aggression and moral disengagement skills were administered individually to each student, his father and grandfather. Two way ANOVA was used to analyse the differences in aggression and moral values. Further the correlational analysis was also done to study the relationship between the variables. Results indicate that contrary to general belief, aggression and moral disengagement was more in the rural respondents. Further maximum moral disengagement was observed among the adolescencents. Technical advancement and modernization which contribute to rapid economic growth are universally desired. However violent conflict has been found to be greatest in developing nations, least in modern nations and intermediate in the least developed nations. This surgence in violence can be attributed to the rapid social change which occurs due to advancements and generates instability.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 1686 - 1692


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