Socio-Economic and Political Development of Women: A Critical Analysis

  • Dr. Naseema P.K,
  • Yaqoob Murtaza
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  • Dr. Naseema P.K

    Assistant Professor at Department of Law, AMU Center Malappuram, India

  • Yaqoob Murtaza

    Student at AMU Center Malappuram, India

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History is witness to the fact that the women were a subjected lot in the male dominated society and throughout the history, they were victims of discrimination, injustice, inequality and exploitation. Though the level of discrimination and injustice varied from civilization to civilization but what was common to all, was notion based on myths that the women are incapable of doing anything substantial to the society and consequently they were vehemently considered repugnant to gender equality and social justice. Therefore, it would not be exaggerated if we were to say that the women are oppressed figures in the history of mankind. Now, it can be unanimously agreed upon that the women have played a very significant role in nation-building additionally they have proved that they are not weaker section of society and how can they be weak? While they give birth to same male gender who consider them unequal and incapable. They are half of our population and increasingly an integral part of any nation and particularly whose central role in any society ensures stability, progress, socialization, transformation and long-term development for a country. We should condemn seclusion of women to the household while believing that without social, economic and political development of women, it would be very hard to come equalitarian and humanitarian outlook in the country. As Dr. Ambedkar emphasised on that “there could not be progress of a nation without the progress of women. I know what they can do to improve the condition of the society, if they are convinced. In the eradication of social evils, they have rendered great services."The role of women is at front of chain of improvement, leading the society’s long-term capacity and nation’s long-term development and its transformation towards transparent and equitable India, as the author mainly emphasized on these areas. The objective of this paper is to provide some better suggestions pertaining to socio-economic and political development of women as well as their emancipation from shackles of society and to find out social evils and false notions that led them towards oppression, exploitation, injustice and inequality.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 1121 - 1134


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