Silent Suffering: Shedding Light on Sexual Harassment among Men

  • Khyati Agarwal and Aayushi Prakash
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  • Khyati Agarwal

    Student at Christ University, Delhi NCR, India

  • Aayushi Prakash

    Student at Christ University, Delhi NCR, India

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Sexual harassment is often thought of as a problem that primarily affects women. However this research shows that men can also experience sexual harassment, and that they may be less likely to report it due to social stigmas and gender stereotypes. This paper aims to shed light on the phenomenon of sexual harassment among men, exploring the nature and scope of the problem, the experiences of male victims, and the barriers they face in seeking help and support. The paper sheds light on the fact that sexual harassment is not just a women's issue, and that men can also experience sexual harassment in different settings. The paper discusses the various forms of sexual harassment that men can face, such as unwanted touching, sexual comments or jokes, and even sexual assault. The paper also explores the reasons why men may be hesitant to report incidents of sexual harassment, including fear of retaliation, feelings of shame or embarrassment, and a perception that men should be able to "handle it." The paper concludes by calling for increased awareness and support for men who experience sexual harassment, and for a cultural shift that recognizes the seriousness of this issue and works towards creating safe and respectful environments for all individuals.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 3331 - 3339


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