Should Men Get Equal Rights as Women?

  • Shubhi Khandelwal
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  • Shubhi Khandelwal

    Student at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, School of Law, Hyderabad, India

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The fact that female makes a half of the portion of India's population routinely vulnerable to torture, starvation, humiliation, mutilation, and even murder. Nevertheless, women's rights are not frequently categorised as human rights, despite a clear history of fatalities and demonstrable abuse. What about men's rights, similarly? Do they have any protections from the physical abuse they experience. Should we extend to men the broad and unwritten rights that are given to women? In many ways, women's human rights are violated. Of course, women can experience the hand females experience many of the same problems; however, while women have some undefinable legal protections against physical abuse, men do not have any such protections. Men are always thought to be strong and capable of handling situations, while women are viewed as weak and unable to do so. Due to this, there have been numerous instances of men being physically and/or sexually assaulted without receiving the rights that should have been given to them. The public perception is that men can only physically or sexually assault women; men are never shown to be susceptible to such attacks. This essay will show how ambiguous the rights granted to women under the framework of human rights and how men do not see themselves as belonging to the group that can use these rights to defend themselves against the crimes they encounter in this cruel world. Rights for both men and women are extremely important in today's world because there are numerous crimes that are committed to both men and women. There are organisations or committees dedicated to men's and women's rights. From its inception, the Men's Movement has prioritised the formation of men's support groups. Organizations such as Sakhya Women’s Guideline cell supports women against sexual abuse. The movement assumes that humans are nurtured with these rights, right after their birth. In our society, both men and women have the right to their own gender characteristics, whether they come from nature or tradition. The interaction of such characteristics is considered an enrichment of our humanity if they are valued equally. Some important aspects of women's rights do fit into a civil liberties framework, but much of the abuse against women is part of a larger socioeconomic web that entraps women, making them vulnerable to abuses that cannot be classified as exclusively political or caused solely by states. Here, we'll try to find a solution to the problem of protecting men's and women's rights from physical and sexual abuse.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 5, Page 2266 - 2271


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