Sewing their Way to a Sustainable Menstruation: From Plastic to Cloth Sanitary Pad

  • Akshita Sharma
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  • Akshita Sharma

    Student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune Student, India

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This research paper dwells into the detrimental footprint of plastic specific to the plastic sanitary pads on the environment, assessing the precedence of cloth sanitary pads over regular plastic sanitary pads, citing the substandard plastic waste disposal system, the significant feminist discourse of lack of awareness about menstrual health and alternate sustainable menstrual products with a lens of ecofeminism, highlighting the stigmatization and taboo surrounding menstrual conversations. Conducting primary qualitative research with 30 women from the age group of 16-45, belonging to different economic strata of the society through personal interviews to analyse and determine factual and substantial awareness of women in relation to broad themes determined for the research. The primary research though at a small scale facilitated in concluding the ground realities of sustainability and the absence of awareness and resources to ascertain considerable action through a framework approach and cross analysis to draw a considerable conclusion. Compiling two literature reviews of eminent research papers and drawing qualitative presumptions, using primary and secondary research methods such as empirical analysis and government publications to discern effectively and scrutinize and cite multiple statistical data. Interpretation of judgments related to various environmental principles, constitutional provisions, amendments, acts, and rules, reviewing international conferences and policies as a comparison to India, understanding India’s current policy and schemes regarding minimization of plastic. Devising or suggesting correlated and effectual suggestions such as efficient plastic disposable mechanisms with the use of advanced technology such as incinerators that can be further implemented in form of strategies or government policy interventions.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 115 - 127


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