Scope of Criminal Psychology

  • Sunanda Rai and Dr. (Prof.) Simranjeet Kaur Gill
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  • Sunanda Rai

    LLM student at CT University, India.

  • Dr. (Prof.) Simranjeet Kaur Gill

    Principal at School of Law, CT University, India.

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There are always reasons why someone commits a crime. Reasons are the foundational elements of psychology. When a person believes he has strong reasons to hide and commit a crime, such excuses are merely a reflection of that person's criminal psyche. and anytime the topic of what can be done to prevent or lessen the rising crime rate comes up. Criminal psychology is the study of offenders’ ideas and conduct. It provides a solution to the issue, “Why do criminals do what they do?” Criminal psychology has been glorified in television dramas such as Criminal Minds and CSI. As we all know, what we see on television does not necessarily mirror reality. The first step in reducing crime is to understand the criminal's psychology, because psychology develops from causes, and it is difficult to minimise crime until the reasons are understood. As a result, the criminal psychologist's role enters the picture. This article describes the character and job of a criminal psychologist in today's society, when crime is on the rise like never before. Everything has been thoroughly studied in this book, from the fundamental notions of criminal psychology to the obligations or activities that criminal psychologists must complete.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 1854 - 1859


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