Romance Fraud

  • A.Thiruthi
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  • A.Thiruthi

    Student at UPES Dehradun, India.

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Romance scammers exploit their victims' emotions by building a love bond and then exploiting it for personal benefit. The most heinous aspect of romance scams is that they play on their victims' loneliness, frequently targeting troops, and the elderly, and newly divorced or widowed individuals. As the romance develops, victims grant the fraudster increased access to personal and financial information, enabling the fraudster to wreak economic and emotional damage on his victim. This research paper gives recommendations for safeguarding yourself and your assets against becoming a victim of romance fraud. Romance fraud has wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of victims worldwide. Under the presence of a legitimate relationship, perpetrators strive to profit from victims' emotional connections. Romance fraud is particularly insidious, as victims must mourn not just financial losses but also the end of the relationship. While a growing body of work is attempting to address this, there are still significant gaps to fill. This research paper summarizes the state of the scholarship on romance fraud. It discusses what is currently known about romance fraud, how it is perpetrated, the impact on victims, and strategies for preventing and assisting victims.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page 1596 - 1604


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