Role of Investigation Agencies under Criminal Justice System in India

  • Dr. Mohd Saleem
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  • Dr. Mohd Saleem

    Associate Professor at Delhi Global Institute of Management and Law, Faridabad and Guest faculty at Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi, India

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The king is the guardian of citizen liberty, freedom and moral order is an exercise in justice observed by Plato, a Greek Philosopher and thinker. The justice delivery system is the benchmark of all democratic countries everywhere. The Constitution of India provides modern welfare and democratic rights to life and liberty under the Article 21. It envisages that “no one shall be deprived of his life and liberty except according to the due procedure established by law. This the very important question that the individual has been granted the protection and security against the State. The Police Administration including CBI. RAW, ATS and LIO, and IB have to go under the various applications of procedure. The mechanism for the harbinger the justice system and brought the accused to end. The rule of law and Body of system are two elements in the administration of criminal justice System. This is not practically possible in each case to undermine the law as the need of innovation and technology in modern time. The law enacted by the State for redressal of crime are traditionally in-adequate due to the lack of skill and technical support to all agencies despite the guidelines of judiciary are not properly implemented. The current remark by Apex court on the action and function of the Enforcement Directorate, CBI has flourished the issue once more time about the procedure and power of the authority to be laid down and fixed the cases as per curium in justice system “whether you want to put every person on board or behind the bar” observed by bench lead by A M Khandelwalker and A S Oka JJ. The Image of the existing Criminal justice system is not sound in the eyes of citizens and they are losing the faith in Rule of Law in the country and adoption of new infrastructure and scientific approach in dealing the crimes and criminals is the need of hour.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 770 - 786


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