Reservation Policy in India: A Critical Analysis

  • Gulshan Kumar
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  • Gulshan Kumar

    Student at Lovely Professional University, India

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India is a country with various castes, religion, and languages. People from different religion follow different language in our country. For this the term “unity” is given. But the ground reality is way different. The Constitution made this reservation for 10 years after independence so that the practices against the backward classes should be stopped and these classes can be uplifted. But in the present world the scenario is totally different as the reservation policy is not implemented as it was done in starting. Today this policy is simply used by Politician as a vote bank. In present society the one who need the benefits from the reservation policy are not even aware of their rights. Today this policy is just for the name as it is not being implemented as it should be. This paper covers the origin of the reservation policy and how it was first implemented. It covers how this policy was started and for the betterment of the backward classes. This paper includes the suggestions which puts light on the current situation and what can be done to make this policy to reach to the one who actually needs it.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 507 - 518


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