Relevance of Lombroso, Ferri and Garofalo in Respect of Positivism and Biological Trait Theory

  • Souvik Chatterji,
  • Angshuman Chakraborty and Samrat Samaddar
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  • Souvik Chatterji

    Head of the department at JIS University, India

  • Angshuman Chakraborty

    LL.M. Student at JIS University, India

  • Samrat Samaddar

    Student at JIS University, India

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Biological Trait Theory and Positivism are the two important criminology theories which had shaped the criminal laws and jurisprudence all over the world. Lombroso created his idea of criminal anthropology in his 1876 book "The Criminal Man" to explain why individuals commit crime. According to his idea, there are fundamental distinctions between offenders and non-offenders. According to Lombroso, born criminals have unique physical features or defects that set them apart. All the theories are relevant even today.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 1430 - 1447


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