Reimagining Kinship Legal Complexities and Psychological Dynamics of Non-Conventional Family Units

  • S. Sibi Daranish
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  • S. Sibi Daranish

    Student at SASTRA Deemed University, India

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In this study delves into the intricate interplay between evolving familial structures and the legal and psychological landscapes they navigate." Uncovering the nuances of various kinships, from same-sex partnerships to intentional communities, our research reveals a tapestry woven with legal complications, questioning old standards. As non-traditional families strive for acceptance, our research highlights the critical need for legal reforms that recognize the broad diversity of familial constructions. At the same time, we investigate the psychological dynamics at work, delving into themes of attachment, identity, and societal shame. This one-of-a-kind investigation not only sheds light on the tremendous complications experienced by non-traditional families, but it also pushes for a paradigm shift, encouraging society to celebrate, understand, and incorporate these various kinships into the ever-evolving narrative of familial relationships.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 2725 - 2732


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