Redefining Reproductive Justice: Inter-relation of Reproductive Rights and Intersectionality of Gender

  • Amruta Venkatachalam
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  • Amruta Venkatachalam

    Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

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Living at the advent of a technology era with the #MeToo moment, Roe v. Wade overturning, and the ‘Black Lives Matter movement, we often see different types of oppression against marginalized communities across the globe. With patriarchal legislatures in so many countries and an ongoing issue of global population rise, how undermined is the basic human right of bodily autonomy hampered? This paper seeks to analyze how the intersectionality of various issues such as gender, class, caste, and creed have an impact on women and their reproductive rights and how issues such as politicization, colonization, and economic disparities affect access to reproductive rights.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 1995 - 2000


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