Problems with India’s Understanding of Literacy

  • Siddhima Sirohi
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  • Siddhima Sirohi

    Student at Ashoka University, India

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The paper aims to examine the issue of literacy in the Indian education system and its impact on critical thinking and human development. Through an analysis of existing literature and data, it is found that the Indian education system places excessive emphasis on certain forms of literacies, such as reading and writing, while neglecting the importance of comprehension. This narrow definition of literacy hinders the development of critical thinking skills and limits people's ability to fully realize their potential. One way of resolving this problem is by expanding the definition of literacy to include critical thinking skills. The development of critical thinking skills would lead to a broader understanding of the world and would enable individuals to better understand and engage with their surroundings, leading to more informed and empowered citizens.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 93 - 96


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