Postpartum Depression: Are mothers getting away with crime?

  • Bhavya Dayal
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  • Bhavya Dayal

    Student at Student at School of Law, NMIMS, Navi Mumbai, India

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There are several debates about whether a person suffering from postpartum depression can be regarded as legally insane. The physical adjustments occurring in a woman cannot explain the killing of the child. Several issues ought to be answered. Why is a child only target to their disease and why it always seems that the killing was a reaction to the burden of motherhood? I am not suggesting that all the mothers are sane. The facts and conditions in each situation were different. The argument must be carefully inspected and must go to a rigorous examination to apply for the defense of insanity. An offender must be accountable for his actions. We can also show that the women who has performed infanticide has tried to destroy more than one of her infants. We must not take any risks, there is no assurance that a mother who has killed a boy would not kill the other one. This paper is an attempt towards analysing the same.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 4152 - 4157


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