Pendulum Study of Impact of Hate Speech in Indian Society

  • Pranjal mani Kakkar and Shreyansh Gupta
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  • Pranjal Mani Kakkar

    Student at K.P. Mehta School of law Mumbai, India

  • Shreyansh Gupta

    Student at K.P. Mehta School of law Mumbai, India

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That the law shall be certain, and that it shall be just and shall move with the times”. -Lord Reid, Judge as Law Maker

On the pretext of the aforesaid quote this paper shall analyse the impact of the hate speech in the Indian society over the past decade and how laws are inefficient to acknowledge the crime from its origin. The paper introduces the concept of hate speech and how the sociologist have given their respective theories in it, then the paper talks about the three major issues which are the birth of hate speech that are mob lynching, hate speech during elections and role of social media in promoting the crime respectively. The paper before the conclusion provides a short comment on the new IT guidelines to regulate the content of social media and gives view that why the nation need such polices to reduce the crime of hate speech and answers the question as to whether or not the policy is a positive for the society or the negative. Keywords: Hate speech, mob lynching, election, social media, Indian penal code.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 3919 - 3934


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