Nuances of Marketing and the Role of Social-Media in Creating a New Form of Authenticity

  • Shresth Upadhyaya
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  • Shresth Upadhyaya

    Student at Amity Law School, Amity University Rajasthan, India

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The intricacies of marketing are a crucial part of corporate strategy, and they are constantly changing. Social media now play a bigger part in marketing than it did in previous years. Platforms on social media present a special possibility for businesses to develop a fresh sense of authenticity in their marketing operations and to establish a more personal connection with their clients. The emergence of social media has changed how customers interact with brands. Traditional advertising techniques that sell goods and services without taking into consideration each individual's tastes, experiences, and values are no longer acceptable to them. Consumers prefer brands that are real, open, and relatable, and social media may help with that.By providing behind-the-scenes photos of their business operations and demonstrating how their products are made, firms can use social media to establish a more personal relationship with their customers. Having discussions that reflect the brand's beliefs and personality is also encouraged. This degree of openness and participation fosters a fresh sense of authenticity that connects with customers and can increase brand confidence. To achieve this new authenticity, though, marketing strategies must be carefully balanced. Businesses must avoid the traps of "fake" or dishonest participation by being genuine in their social media activities. Additionally, they must make sure that their social media initiatives complement their overall brand strategy and that their messaging and tone are the same across all channels. Ultimately, the subtleties of marketing are still changing, and it's fascinating to see how social media is contributing to a fresh authenticity. Brands can forge deeper relationships with their customers and position themselves as reliable sources in their specific sectors by utilizing the power of social media.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 1067 - 1075


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