Moral Rights in India

  • Richa Kapoor
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  • Richa Kapoor

    Student at Amity University, India

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The abstract examines the concept of moral rights within the framework of copyright law in India. Moral rights, encompassing the rights of attribution and integrity, are integral to safeguarding the personal and reputational interests of creators. This research delves into the legal landscape of moral rights in India, exploring the relevant provisions of the Copyright Act and their implications for creators. It investigates how moral rights empower authors by acknowledging their connection to their works and protecting against unauthorized alterations or distortions. The study also considers the practical enforcement and awareness of moral rights within the Indian legal system. By analysing case law and legislative developments, the abstract aims to provide insights into the evolving significance of moral rights in shaping a fair and equitable copyright regime in India. Understanding the interplay between moral rights and traditional copyright protection is crucial in fostering a balanced legal framework that respects both the economic and moral interests of creators in the Indian context.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 2121 - 2131


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