Mental Health: The Need of an Hour

  • Aaliya Javed Juneja
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  • Aaliya Javed Juneja

    Student at Barrister A.R Antulay College of Law, India

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The lengthy research paper discussing the need for increased understanding of mental health issues in modern culture is briefly summarised in this synopsis. The research paper examines several aspects of mental health, such as its background, societal views, and growing importance. It examines the state of mental health throughout the world while taking statistics, socioeconomic variables, and the effects of aspects of contemporary living such as technology, work-related stress, and shifting family dynamics into consideration. The research paper also examines the intersectionality of mental health, accounting for the effects of gender, cultural variances, and challenges experienced by the LGBTQ+ community. It highlights the financial impact that untreated mental health disorders place on businesses and the strategies needed to establish a mentally healthy work environment. It underlines the importance of mental health for children, youth, and adults as well as the workplace. The research paper also addresses the accessibility of mental health services, emphasising challenges, regional variations, and innovative approaches to enhance accessibility. A thorough approach to mental health should address the role of education in promoting mental health as well as government and policy measures. The argument made in the research paper's conclusion is that it is our collective responsibility to address mental health concerns by increasing awareness and offering support and education. It promotes a paradigm shift in cultural viewpoints by elevating mental health to the status of a vital component of overall wellbeing.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, Page 785 - 794


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