Mental Harassment against Women at Workplace: “Unmasking the Silent Agony”

  • Jithin S.
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  • Jithin S.

    Assistant Professor at Vels University, Pallavaram, Chennai, India

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This article delves into the pervasive issue of mental harassment, with a focus on its occurrence in workplaces, particularly towards women. It explores the evolution of the concept of mental harassment in the Indian legal system, shedding light on the lack of specific provisions to address it effectively. The article highlights the challenges faced by victims of mental harassment, including the lack of support, stigma, and limited legal recourse. It also discusses legal provisions within the Indian Penal Code and relevant acts to combat workplace harassment. Furthermore, the article examines global instances of power harassment in Japan and International conventions like CEDAW. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of proactive measures by organizations and legal recourse options for victims.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 5, Page 1237 - 1249


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