Memorandum of Association

  • Ayush Pratap Singh and Shivam Tripathi
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  • Ayush Pratap Singh

    Student at Amity University Lucknow, India

  • Shivam Tripathi

    Student at Amity University Lucknow, India

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This paper is the proper examination of the memorandum of association of The Companies Act, 1956 and The Companies Act 2013. The paper will describe the facts of the memorandum of association and the doctrine of ultra-vires. This paper consists of an Introduction to the memorandum of association which covers the basic necessary meaning. The paper consists of the cases where the effects of doc doctrine ultra-vires are discussed briefly. The doc doctrine ultra-vires too have been examined accurately in which the case is described with proper reference. The conventional information about the clauses has been analysed with the assistance sections. There are different subtopics Under the topics like memorandum of association, Clauses, doc and doctrine ultra-vires with precedents which is providing a clear view and understanding of the required subject. Under these subtopics the advantages are discussed with some of the provisions of clauses and doctrine of ultra-vires.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 1850 - 1859


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