Media Activism and Its Effects on Individuals’ Right to Privacy – An Analysis

  • Aditya Durgvanshi
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  • Aditya Durgvanshi

    Student at Alliance University, India

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The introduction of the internet came as a boon for the public at large. However, there have been enough changes in the usage of the internet since its inception. Now with the help of the same, people have access to everything from anywhere around the world in a jiffy. With the evolution of the internet, the concept of media changed as well. Media has emerged as a tool that is indeed very helpful for all, it has entered almost every sphere of our lives and connects us both to the local and the global government. The internet plays a major role in the same and assists media to reach out to a larger audience. The most common method for sharing information these days is through the means of social media. It is indeed a fast and most preferred source for gathering information on the glaring social issues around the world in no time. However, the impact of these mediums is an important topic of discussion. As they have become a vital source of information, therefore, it is essential to look upon the effects they have on the young minds and other fraction of the society as well. Media and the internet are all over the world now. Every piece of information in the form of data is circling the world, be it the private information of a particular individual or the public information for the welfare of others. Now and then, people hear about the breach in data from various platforms and become afraid of losing their personal data. This becomes an area where the concept of the Right to Privacy creeps in. In India, the Right to Privacy is a fundamental right enshrined upon every citizen and derives its power from Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. The article explicitly deals with the concept of the Right to Life and Liberty, but with time the same has been interpreted in many different ways and includes the right to privacy as well. The issue at hand is that of competing claims between staunch advocates of social media platforms and people claiming breach of their right to privacy, at the behest of social media platforms, eulogized as the right to freedom of speech and expression. Media using the tool of freedom of speech and expression has in many instances gone beyond the limitations of it. The same has been looked upon in the paper explicitly. The power vested in the hands of the media does know some boundaries as it is not any arbitrary body that can establish a rule on its own. The importance of privacy, in many instances, has been looked against by media which has resulted in backlashes and a fight for privacy.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 1382 - 1397


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