Major Nationalist Movements in India

  • Kashish Khanna
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  • Kashish Khanna

    Student at IILM University, Gurugram, India

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India's population began to experience a sense of nationalism in their hearts as a result of the Indian National Movement. The Indians' sense of nationalism encouraged them to voice out. Indians began to rebel against the British as a result. Beginning in 1850s, the Indian National Movement saw increasing-sized uprisings, which aided India's quest for independence. The Nationalistic feeling aided India in gaining its freedom. Indians were aided in their revolt against the British by the advent of the Indian National Movement, which served to further amplify nationalism throughout the nation. After living under British rule for two hundred years, India could become independent. The sense of nationalism was the only thing that made it feasible. Indian National Movement was sparked by a nationalistic sentiment. Consequently, the Indian National Movement is crucial to the nation of India's independence. The struggle for Indian independence was a protracted one that spanned almost two centuries. People from all walks of life joined the movement because they shared a desire to be free from British colonial control. The fight for independence was a defining moment in India's history and had a profound effect on shaping the country's political and social landscape. Role of Gandhiji and various other leaders has been unmatched in the success of freedom struggle. Both the deed of being patriotic and having patriotic feelings contributed to the strength of the country. One will be able to connect with others more easily because of one’s shared passion for this nation, and the more people who show their patriotism, the more united and powerful our nation will be.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 674 - 682


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