Liberty for Intermediaries for Infringement of Copyright and Related Rights

  • Prithiv Raj Sahu,
  • Sovanna Dash,
  • Shrusti Parida and Saptadipa Das
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  • Prithiv Raj Sahu

    Student at KIIT University, India

  • Sovanna Dash

    Student at KIIT University, India

  • Shrusti Parida

    Student at KIIT University, India

  • Saptadipa Das

    Student at KIIT University, India

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With the present computer network that surpasses all government barriers, it has gotten much harder to ensure the Internet Protocol and control its infringement of the internet, given the territory's IP assignment depiction. In addition, ISPs themselves are available to copyright encroachment arraignments when presenting, crushing and connecting with this this critical encroachment of port areas or supplies. Since then, the US requirement for insignificant copyright violations has been very difficult for Internet service providers. India has recently completed a legitimate plan with ISPs. While the Supreme Court recognised a ban against an ISP in the new administration in the UK, equity is held accountable for the control of a mediator that uses its provision to infringe on copyright under Section 97(A) of The 1988 Copyright and Patents Act. The papers convey the key points in Indian, United Kingdom, European Commission and United States internet service providers copyright infringement legislation and consider how the recent regulations and contrasts remain silent to promote the limits on business connections and safe Harbor principles, including IT laws and few jurisdictions.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 679 - 695


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