Laws related to Environment Protection Act in India with special reference to Mining Provisions

  • Sudarshan Bhagwan Dongre
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  • Sudarshan Bhagwan Dongre

    Student at Modern Law College, Pune, India

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The Constitution of India is not static but a living document. Which evolved and developed over time. This evolution in the constitution also affected the provisions contained in the constitution regarding environmental protection. Today, India has vast reserves of mineral wealth, from which industries especially the iron-industry, get raw materials. Almost around 50 areas of mineral wealth in India and minerals are found at about 400 sites in those areas. we see that environmental conservation has become necessary in times of changing climate and uncertainty. Whether it is the infrastructure network built by man in the name of development with changing climate, which includes projects like mines, mega buildings, metros, huge funds are raised for it. However, while doing development like this project are implemented without considering whether there is any harm to the environment. Today, we see that environmental conservation has become necessary in times of changing climate and uncertainty. Indian Government has taken different environment protection steps like mining provisions. India is first country, which has made provisions for the protection and improvement of environment in its constitution. This paper deals with laws with reference to environment protection act in India with special reference to mining provisions the environmental damage caused by mining is a matter of serious concern. The Government of India has formed several organizations and institutions for the exploration and development of mineral resources. include environmental law and mining provisions. Environment protection and improvement related provisions were explicitly incorporated into the constitution by the 42nd amendment act of 1976. The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act was enacted in the year 1957 to give the statutory status to mining. Environmental laws applicable to the mining industries including environment protection act 1986 (EPA), this act is an umbrella of legislation under which various rules and notification has been framed and issued to take care of the different dimensions on environmental challenges. Also alongside with the mines act,1952, The mineral conservation and development rules,1988.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page 1246 - 1252


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