Is Technological Growth Hindered or Pushed Forward for a Child’s Primary Education?: A Socio-Legal Study in India

  • Sonali Gorai
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  • Sonali Gorai

    LL.M. student at University of North Bengal, India

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Education is becoming simpler for higher studies, research, and other purposes as technology advances, but the system or tradition of primary education is lagging behind. Primary education includes not just school education, but also parenting and community culture. As a result of the advancement of contemporary technology, the old generation is unable to handle it adequately, while the new generation of their birth has access, causing numerous issues among the children. The author of this article will nonetheless attempt to identify the numerous issues that the children face due to the absence of parental and institutional technology handling expertise. Here, this article was developed after consulting a variety of secondary sources like various journals, thesis, blogs, articles, etc. Last but not least author will provide the solution to handle such kind of problem which make strong roots of the well nation.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page 2081 - 2096


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