Internet Minimum Advertising Policies

  • Gurdeep Singh
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  • Gurdeep Singh

    LLM Student at National Law School of India University Bangalore, India

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MAPP stands for "Minimum Advertised Price Policy," which is a policy implemented by manufacturers or distributors that sets a minimum price that retailers are allowed to advertise for their products. The goal of a MAPP is to prevent retailers from advertising products at very low prices, which can hurt the overall perception of the brand and make it more difficult for other retailers to sell the product at higher prices. MAPP policies are legal in the United States, but they must be enforced fairly and not be used to restrict competition. For the present discussion, the response has been divided into 3 parts which are: (i.) Laying foundations and a brief analysis on the issue of MAP Policies, (ii.) Considering the Indian position and the stand taken by CCI on RPM and MAPP and (iii.) Case study on Asmodee and Game and the discussion primarily based on the gaming industry.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 1747 - 1756


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